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AC Went Out? Here Are Some Tips For Keeping Cool

If you ask anyone in Texas what’s the worst that could happen to you, I would bet the majority of them would say, please don’t let my air conditioning go out! And of course, it always seems to go out during the hottest day or when you are about to have company over. Then your worst fear happens, no one can come fix it for days.

What are you to do? Don’t worry, we have put together some tips to help keep you and your house cool.

During the day:

Rise and no shine – your home cools off during the night, so you’ll want to get up early and close up your house before the temperature rises.

Keep it closed – keep your curtains drawn and windows closed while the sun is out. Also close off air vents to any rooms that are not in use. Keep in mind that heat will build in the upper stories first, so if possible, keep everyone on the ground floor, or basement, to stay cool.

Fan it – turn on your ceiling fans (counterclockwise) and your ventilation system’s blower fan to keep air circulation throughout your home. Moving air will feel cooler against your skin.

Plan – check the weather for the next few days to be ready if the temperature spikes. Plan to avoid using the oven or stove top as these are heat generators, use the microwave instead. Keep you and your family well hydrated with plenty of water or fruit juice.

In the evening:

Only after sunset – at night your home releases heat through radiational cooling. Opening your windows and running fan to blow a cross breeze will help to cool it faster.

Open it up – open your attic door and set a fan up to blow air into your attic at night. This will help pull cool air into your home and blow the heated air out of the attic.

Chill before bed – reduce the amount of covers on your bed and take a cool shower right before bed. This will help relax and cool you as you go to sleep.

If you just can’t take it, don’t try staying in your home, you could run the risk of getting heat exhaustion. Get out of the house and into some air conditioning. You can take the family out to eat, see a movie, or visit friends. Wait to go back home until the evening when your home has had a chance to cool down.

If you air conditioner does need repair or goes out, give Service One a call at 817-329-0000, we always do our best to get your system back up and running as soon as possible. We believe that no one deserves to sit in this Texas heat without ac.

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