All You Need to Know About Air Ducts & Insulation (The Good, the Bad & the Ugly)

Attic Insulation

Attic insulation is used to reduce the amount of heat that goes between your attic space and the living area of your house. A well insulated attic can keep your home cooler in the summer months and help reduce the strain on your air conditioner, as well as the opposite in the winter.

Do I Need More Attic Insulation?

The majority of homes nowadays come built or bought with insulation already in the attic, but how do I know if I need to add more insulation? One of the things that keeps homeowners up at night is the cost of repairs for their homes, and if those repairs are really worth it in the long run. One of the things in the house that regulates the temperature and how your house feels is the insulation in the attic. Without insulation, the temperature in your house would not feel very good and your energy bills would go through the roof every month. Here is when you know you need more attic insulation along with some general advice.

Extreme Temperatures (Hot or Cold)

If your home is unusually cold or hot, it is a good idea to check the attic to make sure the insulation is properly installed and make sure that there is enough of it. If it is unusually very hot or very cold in your home, you might see a big change in your homes energy bills from the previous years. This is because insulation keeps in the cold or hot air into your home, allowing you to use less energy.

Take A Look

A quick and easy way to determine if you may need more attic insulation is to take a look across your attic. The insulation should be level or just below the floor joists. If you can clearly see the floor joists, then it’s very likely its time to add some more insulation. You need to also make sure the insulation you currently have is evenly distributed. The center of your attic could be well insulated while the edges have very little.

How Do I Add More?

If your home needs more insulation, it is not a very hard fix. A Service One technician can come to your home and inspect your insulation to estimate how much will be needed. When insulation is added, you do not have to use the same type of insulation that you currently have, and any new insulation can be added on top of the existing.

How Much Is Needed?

The amount of insulation needed is based on the R-Value. R-Value stands for resistance value and is a measurement of the insulation’s ability to resist heat flow. The higher the R-Value, the better heat performance of the insulation. The average level for most attics is R-38, or about 10-14 inches.

Making sure that your home is properly insulated will guarantee that your home is prepared for hot summer days or cold winter days, and will save you big money when your energy bill comes in.

Air Ducts

The quality of the air circulating in your house mainly depends on the condition of the ducts. The ducts are the circulatory system, if affected, the air quality will be compromised.

If you live in a newly built home, then you have little to worry about your air ducts. This is because most ducts are designed to work efficiently for 10-15 years. However, if you notice some failures when your home is still new, do not be shocked. It happens especially if the installation was not done correctly.

Signs that it is time to replace those air ducts

While cleaning works at times, it is good to access the damage before you decide to clean or replace the ducts entirely. Here are the reasons why our experts consider calling for duct replacement and not cleaning;

Inconsistencies in air quality

If you do regular maintenance of your HVAC, then the air quality should be uniform in all rooms. But if for some unknown reason the air in one place is hot while at another is extremely cold, then you need to consult our experts to come and do a thorough inspection and identify the cause of the problem. In most cases, the air ducts need to be replaced due to their damage at that stage being beyond repair or mere cleaning.

The age of the ducts

As mentioned earlier, the air ducts can maintain for up to 15 years. If yours are that old or older, then you probably need them replaced as soon as possible. The seams, seals, and joints can deteriorate with time. No amount of cleaning or changing the air filter will give you a balanced air quality with old ducts.

Noisy HVAC system in general

If your system keeps having persistent noise, call our Service One experts to come and inspect your system. There is a chance that the air ducts used are undersized and causing strain on your system. Our qualified staff can re-engineer and come up with the right ducts for your house.

Dust bunnies everywhere

If the ducts are leaky, there can be an increasing amount of dust in your home. The leaks in your ductwork will also allow dirty air particles to get into your HVAC system which can have major effects on your family’s health. If there is a smell of mold in your house, it’s possible the air ducts could be damaged and be leaking moisture. If left untreated it can ruin household items and can also cause significant respiratory problems.

It is important to know that with new or adequately maintained ducts, you will improve the quality of air inside your home and thus lower the risks of respiratory diseases and also help save on energy costs.

If you think your air ducts or insulation may need repair or replacement, please give us a call, we will have one of our Service One qualified technicians come out and do an inspection.

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