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Fire Prevention Tips for Christmas
We here are Service One are just like you and love to celebrate the holidays with our friends and family. However, during the holiday season many people will be putting up Christmas trees, and this is usually the time where a lot of homes catch on fire. A tree that is not getting watered properly that is a live tree can easily catch on fire. People need to be mindful of the live trees when they are buying Christmas trees for the holidays, us included!

We need to make sure that we are providing adequate water for the tree to prevent a fire. Another thing that people have to do when they are interested in trees for the holidays is keep any type of space heater away from the Christmas tree. This is another thing that can commonly cause a fire in the home. I have witnessed this before because I have family members that like to put Christmas trees in the center of an open space. They may also have a desire to put a tree near a fireplace.

I have learned over time that this is one of the worst possible things to do. There should never be a time where a Christmas tree is put into a room next to a fireplace. This is always a bad idea. I believe that many homes that catch on fire could really prevent this when the holiday season rolls around if they pay attention to this simple rule.

I believe that one good thing that people should do for the holidays is make sure that any fire that is burning in the fireplace is actually out before falling asleep. This seems like a common sense things to do, but it is easy to get caught up in the romanticism of the Christmas season. On a cold night outside I have seen couples put wood on the fire and cozy up by the fireplace as they watch TV. Something as simple as this can lead to a couple falling asleep as a log may roll off of the fire. When this happens it is easy for people to find themselves waking up to a home that is on fire.

Another thing that people need to consider for the holidays is a fire extinguisher. A fire extinguisher in the home can prevent what starts as a small fire from becoming an uncontrollable fire and spreading.

We hope you enjoy your holidays and stay safe and warm!

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