How to Replace Your Air Conditioner Filter

The easiest thing you can do to keep your air conditioner running well is to keep up with the changing of your air filter. The air filter does just that, filters all the dust, dander, mold, etc out of the air. When the filter gets dirty it prohibits the air from flowing through the filter properly and makes your air conditioner have to work that much harder. Not to mention, once a filter gets dirty, it isn’t doing much to clean the air in your home.

A good rule of thumb for checking your filter is once every 3 months during the fall and winter. However during the spring and summer you should check your filter once a month since there are much more allergens in the air during these seasons. If you have pets or smoke in the house you should check your filters a little more often as this will cause your filters to get dirty quicker.

To check and change your filter you must first locate where the air filter is and remove it. Some filters may be behind the main vent, in which case you must pull back the fasteners to remove the filter from the housing. For safety, make sure you turn the unit off before removing the filter. In most cases the filter will be located in a slot in your furnace behind a metal or plastic housing that will snap off or lift up.

Once the filter is out check to see how dirty it is. New filters are white so use your best judgment to determine how dirty the filter is. If it needs to be replaced you will need to determine what type of filter it is and the dimensions. The majority of filters will have the dimensions printed out on the frame. Install your replacement filter back into the air conditioner following the arrows on the filter to ensure it goes in the correct way and is facing the right direction. They are designed to flow a certain way to work properly. It’s now safe to turn your unit back on.

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