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What is UV Lighting?

UV LightingUltraviolet light is a form of radiated energy given off by many objects, including certain light bulbs. Most of us have heard of black lights, which are ultraviolet lights. Since their first use in 1903 for the treatment of tuberculosis they have been widely adapted for many uses: sterilizing water, sterilizing hospitals, germicidal lamps in food establishments, and even curing nail polish faster. So, why not use them to improve indoor air quality in your home?

Two Types of HVAC UV Lights

  1. Coil Sterilization – A stick shaped light that is installed near the air handler coil to sterilize the coil. This UV light runs 24/7 and is very effective at controlling mold inside the air handler. All mold in the line of sight of the UV bulb will be killed, keeping the coil mold-free.
  2. Air Sterilization – A complete UV light kit that sterilizes moving air. The unit is installed in the return air duct and only cycles on with the air handler blower.

What are the Benefits of UV Lights?

  • Reduce cold and flu germs – germs killed are not re-circulated through your home
  • Control mold and bacteria – great for any allergy or asthma sufferer
  • Reduce smells and odors in your home
  • Low maintenance – replace the bulb once a year which can be done by our technicians with our maintenance plan
  • Remove VOCs
  • Maintains a cleaner coil – improves cooling and reduces electricity costs
  • Reduces clogging in drain lines – prevents algae growth
  • Low energy cost – For just under $100 a year ($24 electricity + $70 replacement bulb) you can rest assured you are breathing the highest quality indoor air
  • Even used by the CDC and hospitals – studies  show UV lighting nearly eliminated drug-resistant bacteria in 50 hospital rooms by more than 97%.

While UV lighting is effective for killing germs, bacteria, and mold, you need to make sure you have the best indoor air quality basics taken care of to maximize your efforts.

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