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Smoke Alarm Installation

Properly installed and maintained fire alarms can be a life saver for your family. Follow these 5 simple steps to ensure you are ready for an emergency should it arise.

1.  Research

Before you make any purchases, do some research to find out the best smoke alarms for your home and budget. There are a variety of models and brands, so make sure to read online reviews to see what customers have experienced while using them. If your current detectors are 10 years old or more, you need to invest in replacements.

2. Purchase

The number of alarms you need will be based on your home’s layout. At a minimum, you will need at least one detector on each level of your home, including any basements and attics. For maximum benefit place a detector in each bedroom and outside of each sleeping space.

3. Installation

Don’t procrastinate installing your detectors, you should get them up as soon as you get them. The alarm should be placed on a flat part of the ceiling or wall directly in the center of the room. If you place the alarm on the wall make sure it is 12 inches or less from the ceiling. If you are unsure about installing your detectors, contact a professional to install them for you.

4. Test

After installing the detectors you need to test them to ensure they are working correctly and that all family members can hear each device. Press the test button on each detector individually. It is also good to make sure you and your families have a good evacuation plan in place in case of an emergency.

5. Maintenance

To ensure your alarms are still working properly you should do a power test monthly. Press the test button on each detector to make sure the alarm still sounds and is at an optimal volume. You should replace the batteries in your detectors once a year so you never have a worry about them failing. It is also a good idea to clean your detectors while replacing your batteries. They can get dirty which can impede the performance.

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