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Tips for Making Your AC Last All Summer

Ok Texans, summer is upon us and we know everyone’s worst fear is having their AC break down on them. Well have no fear; we have the top 10 tips to keep your AC running cold all summer.

1.  Change Your Filters

During the summer when the dust and allergens are circulating, it is very important to check your air filters monthly. If your filters get too dirty it makes your air conditioner work harder and make it more difficult to cool.

2. Keep It Cool

Air conditioners are working constantly in the summer and being a machine, it gets hot itself! Keeping your unit in a shaded space means the air is cooler around it, allowing the AC to have an easier time to cool. Go green and plant a tree to shade your unit!

3. Keep It Clean

At the same time as shading your unit, you don’t want to overwhelm it. Make sure to keep any shrubs or other landscaping at least 3 feet away from your unit to ensure adequate airflow. Also clear away any mud or grass clippings that get on your unit.

4. Where’s the Thermostat?

Your thermostat senses the heat in your house and causes the air condition to run. Make sure your thermostat isn’t near any heat producing products such as lamps or appliances. You also don’t want to place a thermostat where the sun may shine directly on it.

5. What’s the Temperature in Here?

Have you heard of the 78 degree rule? No, well 78 degrees in the ideal temperature to have your air set to for the best energy savings. Each degree below 78 causes your energy consumption to increase by roughly 8%, which makes your air conditioner work even harder.

6. Seal It Up

My mom always used to say, “shut the door, we aren’t air conditioning the neighborhood!” Sealing any air leaks and adding weather-stripping to your doors and windows helps to keep your cold air in and the hot air out.

7. Tint Your Windows

Another way to help keep the hot air out. Adding window film or tinting helps to reduce the heat absorbed into the house. This is especially great for windows that catch the most sun in the heat of the day.

8. Feel the Breeze

Ceiling fans are a good way to use the cool air coming in to your advantage. Make sure your fans are running counterclockwise so they will push the cool air down. They are also much cheaper to run than your air conditioner having to run longer.

9. Mind the Beautiful Yard

Having lots of rocks, concrete or asphalt especially on the west and south sides of your house can increase the temperature of your house. If you do have, say a driveway, try finding a way to shade that area.

10. Maintenance is Key

The best way to make sure your AC stays running all summer is to have a licensed technician check it out. This will help catch any issues before you get stuck in the heat and keep your unit running longer at top performance.

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